8 Ball Pool: 2 codes redeem inside!

8 Ball Pool is a simple title, which embodies the spirit of a traditional pool games. Nothing more. Perhaps it is this basic simplicity to be the game enjoyable. 8 Ball Pool, in fact, absolutely does not want to overdo it, presenting 3D graphics or gameplay too complex or complicated. The simple game tutorial, which initially will allow us to become familiar with the controls, takes very few seconds. To learn more, click here!

YP467W ** T * A * X * N * 3 * H
MK HHTX3 *** *** 47 * F * J7

N.B .: In order to properly use the code, you must first delete the asterisk (*)!

The app developer offers 2 redeem codes with which you can download free 8 Ball Pool. We remind all users that such codes can also be used on the App Store. To know instead how to use the codes from iTunes or from your iPhone / iPad, read here 8ballpoolhack.win.

The competition is all users (registered and unregistered) Site, excluding members of the editorial staff and the staff members of the forum (moderators).

NOT ‘MANDATORY but we would be pleased if you left a comment, after downloading the application, indicating the code you have used. Thank you!

Important: all published codes are fully functional. In some cases, however, for reasons that do not depend on us, the entries may appear: “The code you entered is invalid.” Or “The offeta associated with the song code has expired.”. If so, send an email to Fabio [dot] padula [at] iphoneitalia.com writing as an object “INVALID CODE 8 Ball Pool” attached a screenshot (taken from your computer, iPhone or iPad) with the code inserted (without asterisks ) and the error message issued from iTunes.

The faster you will be entitled to receive a new working code by mail. Therefore it is important to make sure to provide a valid email address and running.

If, on the other hand, should the item appears: “This code has already been used. Each code can only be used once. “, MUST NOT send any email, because the code has been properly used.

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