India may soon be able to hack the iPhone and other modern smartphone!

The security of the iPhone is now a legend, especially after the legal battle between the FBI and Apple earlier this year after the government tried to unlock the iPhone of a terrorist. The FBI and the NSA did not manage to hack the iPhone in question and it took them several months. In addition, it was the private Israeli company Cellebrite that came to the rescue of these two organizations. All we know is that this private company is the only one to have the technology to unlock any modern smartphone but this should change soon. According to The Economic Times, the Forensic Science Laboratory in India is currently negotiating with Cellebrite to have the same tool that this company used to unlock the terrorist’s iPhone.

Here is what a senior FSL official told the Economic Times:

“We will probably have access to this technology within a month or more.”

“India will become a global center in cases where law enforcement can not unlock mobile devices.”

The official representative of the Indian government said among other things that terminals running iOS 8 or a newer version of Apple’s mobile operating system are impossible to hack without the technology. Another SLF employee added that they had worked with Cellebrite before, but now they are looking to buy the entire tool. If this agreement is signed, only Gandhinagar forensic science laboratories will have access to this technology. All other government agencies that require such services will have to pay a fee to the FSL Gandhinagar laboratory.

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