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More clicks on Youtube: Here we show you how simple tips and points, which can be noticed, can boost the number of visitors of Youtube videos immensely. Youtube is regarded as the world’s leading video platform and has already gained a foothold in many industries and is considered indispensable. In order to attract attention among the millions of videos that are uploaded every week, it is important to take care of everything from A to Z. Because many do not know that already when uploading a video a lot of potential and future visitors are lost, if one ignores fundamental points.

Why Youtube and not another Videoportal?

Nowadays almost every Internet user knows the video platform Youtube, but what meaning does it have? To show why you should only concentrate on Youtube and on no other video platform, we show here some interesting facts and figures:

Youtube was founded in 2005, at that time with much commitment and entrepreneur spirit and was promptly bought up by Google. At the time, Youtube still had about 50 million members. But the development can be seen, because at the end of March 2013 Youtube announced that they have cracked the brand of one billion members. Youtube has more than 1,000,000,000 members – it can be seen, right? These members and millions of non-members naturally cause immense traffic and activity.

Here are some concrete facts about this: 4 billion videos are watched on Youtube per day – in figures, 4,000,000,000 videos, that is very very much, however, the statistics are still from the end of 2012, so you can imagine that these are still much today Higher than before. In addition, 60 minutes of video material are loaded onto the video platform, which means as much as 3600 days of video material per day. In order to make the imagination a bit more exciting: one would have to look for 10 years nonstop videos to see what is uploaded daily on Youtube – madness.

The latest statistics published at the beginning of May 2013 Youtube stating that the development has experienced an immense rise and the video calls and uploads have increased greatly. According to the latest statistics, six billion hours of video are watched on Youtube every month – the 6,000,000,000 hours of video are downloaded per month on the video platform. To be able to imagine this: this would be a duration of 685-thousand years, 844-thousand months and 250 million days. This is an incredibly high number and makes the statements of the Youtuber plausible that they earn money with Youtube. Of course, this is possible by Youtube views on https://viewgrip.us, which is not to be discussed here at this point.

In recent years, Youtube has been experiencing this immense increase through numerous viral videos, The video “Gangnam Style” by the Korean rapper Psy, which now has more than 2 billion views on Youtube and the second hit “Gentleman”, which was clicked over 28 million times within 24 hours. Such successes, some critics say, can also be bought, because youtube clicks buy (english youtube views, turkish youtube izlenme hilesi) has been possible for many years. Buying Youtube clicks means that a video gets a lot of Youtube clicks and the work and costs for marketing and advertising are no longer a big block. Of course, you can not really say whether a video can be such a success through a viral effect, through talent or through the purchase of Youtube clicks.

Therefore you should focus primarily on Youtube. However, you should not neglect the other video portals to 100%, because these also have many visitors and viewers, which is why they can still bring some viewers for their own video. Also on this portal it is possible to buy clicks, whereby Youtube clicks buy in view of the potential would be a better and more appropriate investment.

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